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Driving Theory Test Ireland

About Ireland's Theory Test

The Driver Theory Test is intended to help you be a safe, responsible and informed driver.

The driver theory test was introduced in June 2001, and a driver theory test pass certificate must be successfully obtained before you can make an application for your first provisional licence.

Fee for the Irish Driver Theory Test

The driver theory test's fee, is €34.

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How to Book the Driver Theory Test

Contacting the Driver Theory Test Service

You can contact the Driver Theory Testing Service by either phone or mail. Contact and booking details are as follows:

The Telephone Booking Service

The telephone booking service operates from 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday inclusive, excluding public holidays. To book over the phone you should have a credit card and PPSN ready(formerly known as the PRSI number).

Teleophone booking:
Phone: 1890 606 106 (Lo-call rate)
Text phone: 1890 616 216
Irish Language: 1890 606 806

Booking the Theory Test by Mail

You can also book by making a postal application. Contact the driver theory test centre on their lo-call number (1890 606 106), for up-to-date details on the postal application and the address to which you must send the application. Please note that, the application is not sent to the individual test centres.

Application forms are obtained by calling the booking help line, DTT test centres, or your local Motor Taxation Offices. You can also download an application form from the government's website.

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Ireland's Driver Theory Test Types

Driver theory testing is available for beginner drivers for the following vehicle categories:

  • mopeds
  • motorcycles
  • work vehicles
  • cars
  • trucks
  • buses
The test you take depends on the vehicle for which you are trying to obtain a provisonal licence. Firstly identify what class of licence you require from the table below, and then use the table below that, to determine which driver theory test you must prepare for.

Here is a table that provides details of the vehicles covered by each driving licence category:

Category Details
A Motorcycles
A1 Motorcycles having an engine capacity exceeding 125 cubic centimetres (cc) and with a power rating up to 11 kilowatts
B Cars (and other vehicles) with a design gross weight not exceeding 3,500kg and having passenger accommodation for up to 8 people. (Motorcycles, mopeds, work vehicles and land tractors are not included)
C Trucks (or other vehicles) with a design gross weight exceeding 3,500kg, and having passenger accommodation for up to 8 people. (Work vehicles and land tractors are not included).
C1 (Trucks or other vehicles) in C having a design gross weight up to 7,500kg.
D Buses that can carry more than 8 people
D1 Buses in D having accommodation up to 16 people
M Mopeds
W Work vehicles and land tractors

[note: The tests for all categories besides mopeds and motorcycles, also cover provisional licences for these categories with a drawing vehicle (trailers etc), without having to undergo a separate theory test.]

Once you have found the category of licence you require from the above table, use the following table to find what driver theory test you must take.

(There are 3 different tests, to test the driving knowledge of beginner drivers, and the there are 3 categories of tests available(1. A/B/M/W 2. C 3. D) depending on the vehicle category that you are applying for.

Here is a list of the different tests that are available;

(Provisional) Driving Licence Category Theory Test Certificate Category
A, A1, B, EB, M and W A, B, M and W
C, C1, EC and EC1 C
D, D1, ED and ED1 D

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Driver Theory Test Description

You can make an application to do the Driver Theory Test through the Driver Theory Testing Service, by mail, phone or fax.
Once you have made your booking, you will be offered the theory test within 2 months of your application, at your chosen Driver Theory Test Centre.

There are over 250 tests every year, at all the Driver Theory Test Centres, which are available in nearly all major Irish towns, you'll find a list below.

You can apply by phone, and the test service have an automated response system, that will filter you through to an operator, that will deal with your queries. You can make a booking for a test over the phone, using a credit card, and you'll be given details on your appointment.

The waiting times at each Driver Theory Test Centre is no more than 15 minutes in most circumstance, with a free test offered if the delay exceeds one hour.

Your theory test result will be given within 30 minutes of completing your driver theory test, and you will get a theory test certificate if you have managed to pass.

If you didn't manage to pass, you'll be informed by writing, and will receive info on what your weaknesses are.

Decisions on your Driver Theory Test

If you believe that your test mark is incorrect, you should talk to the test supervisor, before leaving the test centre. There are also appeal forms available at the driver test centres, to allow you to request that your test be marked again. Appeals must be made within 10 days of the test, and must be accompanied with the required appeal fee.

Once the appeal has been received, the test will be re-marked, and a result will be received within 5 working days. The test is re-marked at the head office, and if the original test mark has been determined to be incorrect, the appeal fee will be refunded to the individual concerned.

Next Steps?

When you have completed your test the test centre supervisor will be able to tell you if you passed or failed the test.

If you failed the test, you can book another test by contacting the booking line, and they'll give you details of your new appointment.

If you successfully pass the driver theory test, then you can apply for your Irish provisional driving licence. This is applied for at your local Motor Taxation Office. When applying you must produce your pass certificate with the application.

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Ireland's Driver Theory Test Centres

There are 41 Driver Theory Test locations around Ireland, and you can decide where you want your test to take place. The Waiting times for tests can vary between the different Driver Theory Test centres, so if you're able to travel, you can choose the test centre that suits your needs best!

The test centres are clean, smoke-free and have waiting areas
for those booked in to do their test. There are also toilet
facilities (including toilets for disabled persons) and facilities
to store your belongings whilst doing the test.

People with special needs, should contact the driver theory
centre in advance of the test, before calling to the centre.
It's best to advise of special needs when booking the test.

Please refer to the Irish Government Driver Theory website for up to date information on test centre locations etc: www.theorytest.ie

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